Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pikes Peak

Yesterday was a full day of sightseeing.  We drove to the summit of Pikes Peak.  The drive was absolutely amazing.

Approx. Mile Marker 1

Crystal Reservoir - Mile Marker 6

Lookin' for gold


Approx. Mile Marker 16

 A bus takes you up (for a price) and you can bike down. 
No experience necessary except to be able to ride.  They
provide all the gear.

Ride into the clouds.

 Above the timber line.

Almost to the top.
Boulder Park

Taking a picture of you, while you're taking a picture of me.

We made it!!

Mile Marker 19

We only stayed about 30 - 45 min.  Both of us were
a little light headed due to the altitude

I had packed a lunch and on the way up we made note of a picnic area
that we would stop on the way down.  It was a nice picnic area but I didn't take
time to take a picture.  Surprise, surprise.  I did however take a few pictures
 of some interesting plants on the way down.

It was a fun day and the Bostons loved it too.


Sidney said...

What a fun, fun day!! Wish we had been with you!! So happy you were able to make it to the top!!

Beloved's Bride said...

Very Pretty! Biking down would be really fun. It looks a little steep though. Probably why everyone takes the bus.

Glad the Bostons enjoyed the day!