Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Glacier Whitewater Rafting

Today we went whitewater rafting.  I loved it!!  The rapids were Class 2 and Class 3 but I think the guide was kind to us and gave us a bit of an easy ride....however, it was fun!!

Gateway to the park

After we suited up in our wetsuite, the company
transported us by bus to the starting point.

We were assigned to boat two with our guide J.T....
Oh...did I mention that the wetsuits were wet and cold?!!!

Cinch up that vest Aisling!!

Glenn cinched up mine.....Hey!! I need to breath!!!!!!

Glenn and Laurence were our head paddle guys....Big guys in front....could
that mean it dips in the front when we hit the rapids?.....!!!! 

Aisling!!  You look glamorous!!

Easy water at the first of our adventure.

Beautiful scenery!

Laurence and Sidney.
Go Navy!!
Oh Wait!! I'm an Army Wife.

 This bridge use to be the bridge to the entrance of
the park. It was flooded in 1964.  Only the
concrete bridge remained.

It was a fun ride and we all survived....wait.....Sidney
where are you?.....hope we didn't leave her up stream!!!


Beloved's Bride said...

My Beloved says, "Awesome!" And then chuckled and articulated this statement, "You do know they will never want to go home?!" :)

We are glad you are having a good time.

Glenda said...

Beloved is so right!!!!!!!