Friday, July 1, 2011

Catchin up - Ft Robinson, NE

June 23, 2011 – June 27, 2011 Ft. Robinson, NE

Ft. Robinson State Park is a very nice park with lots to do.  This park has a lot of history.
It was first established in 1874 as a military camp at the Red Cloud Agency.  For 70 years it was the most important military outpost in the region.  It was here that the great Lakota warrior Crazy Horse was mortally wounded.  Two years later, the fort was the site of a battle as part of the famous Cheyenne Outbreak.  If you ever get to visit Ft. Robinson, I highly recommend the horse drawn wagon historical ride.  It only cost us $5.00 ea. and was very informative of the history.  I only wish we had taken Laurence, Sidney and Aisling.  We decided to take it on our last day there.  I would recommend to do it first.

The first thing we did was watch the free rodeo.  The wranglers are young high school and college students with a few seasoned wranglers too.  It was an enjoyable little rodeo.

One of the most fun events was the musical chairs.  The rider had to ride their horse outside the circle of chairs and when the music stops, they had to dismount the horse and sit/touch the chair.  This little girl was serious about winning.  She was so cute.

Of course they had steer roping.

The kids all enjoyed riding the buffalo hide.

We were so happy to see Glenn’s brother and his family.  It was so nice to visit.  One of the first events we did was to take the Stage Coach ride.  It wasn’t a very long ride, but it gave us a taste of what the pioneers had to endure traveling out to the West.

The most fun was the jeep ride.  The driver was very informative of the flora and fauna in the area.  He took us on a bumpy but fun trip into the buttes.  Absolutely breathtaking and what a great ride!

First  we came upon a herd of  mules just strolling in the road.

The views were amazing.

Everywhere we looked, we saw God’s beauty.

I wish I could capture the fragrance of the flowers. 

So glad we could share the experience with family.

Our family had to leave but we will see them again in Montana with more adventures to share.

Glenn and I decided to take the long trail ride.  We rode back into the buttes on horseback for about an  hour.  It was nice and the young wranglers were cute.

My horse is the first one called Peanut Butter.

Our Wrangler Guide was showing off a bit.

Up the trail we go.  Believe me, I was holding on.

We saw some more amazing buttes but it was a little hard taking pictures on horseback.

It was a beautiful ride and Peanut Butter was good to me, but I was ready to get off.

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Sidney said...

I LOVE your pictures Glenda!! I think it is amazing what a difference the lenses make. Such different perspective but wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!! And especially thanks for showing us shuch a great time!! Looking forward to your arrival!