Saturday, July 23, 2011

Great Falls

Last week when we were traveling and camping around Montana with Sidney, Laurence, and Aisling, we visited Great Falls, Montana.  We camped on the Air Force Base there and spent a day viewing the "Great Fountain" as Lewis and Clark referred to the falls.

Great Spring State Park is a beautiful state park.  The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained.

 Sparkling water. 
A sense of peacefulness to me. 

Fish Hatchery - Rainbow Trout at the park.

After visiting the State Park, we drove to the Dam

Here you crossed a swing bridge to view the dam.

The water that is viewed here has already done it's job in providing electricity.

Beautiful grounds. Perfect for a picnic. If only we had thought of that.


Hey Guys!!  I think you had better wait until 4 people get off.
Just kidding!!

On the drive at the State Park, we had to share the road with these
beautiful geese.

Perfect ending to a perfect day.

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Sidney said...

That was such a beautiful day! You captured it perfectly!! I had never been to Great Falls, but now I really want to return. Missing you!!