Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cheyenne, Wyoming

We left Riverton Monday late and after getting diesel in Casper, we had problems with the truck.  Glenn immediately knew what was wrong.   We had gotten some bad diesel and the fuel filter had gotten some “junk” in it.  Glenn could only get the truck to go 25mph.  We had several hills to climb and pulling the load of the 5th wheel, the truck was struggling.  The closest town was Glenrock and it was about 25 – 30 miles away.  At a snails pace, we finally made it.  We saw a young lady on side of the street talking to another person, and ask where we could get a fuel filter in town.  She said that the only one she knew was her father-in-law.  We pulled around to where her father-in-law’s shop was and ordered the filter.  He would have the part by morning so we checked into an RV park not too far away.
We certainly didn’t get as far as we had hoped but was thankful we could get the repair work done and had a place to stay too.

Tuesday, we were finally on our way to Cheyenne.  Shortly outside of Cheyenne, we experienced the same problem.  The bad diesel had clogged up the new filter.   We knew there was an AFB at Cheyenne and so, we checked in.  The FamCamp was full but we could stay in the overflow.  That was ok.  The weather had cooled down so no air-conditioner would be needed.  And besides, we have a generator.  We got the parts we needed and settled in for the night.

Warren AFB is a beautiful base.  There are antelope everywhere grazing on the parade grounds and at the campground.  It was really nice seeing the wild life so close to our camp.

Also, it was Cheyenne Frontier Days and there was an air show on Wednesday.  Yea!! We had something to do.  There was a free shuttle to the Air National Guard flight line and so we spent most of the day at the show.  We had planned to only spend a few hours and then go to the rodeo around 1245pm, but it was just too interesting to see the planes.  We have seen a few rodeos on this trip.
 The C-5 is always impressive.  I don’t know how it gets off the ground with all the load it can carry.   It is so big, I couldn’t get it all in the picture frame.

 The Thunderbirds preparing to take flight.  They are so beautiful. 

We also had the privilege of watching the Air Force Academy Wings of Blue Parachute Team.  They jumped out of a C-130.  Glenn has spent his share of time in that type of aircraft.

Twelve parachutist.

Parachutist caring the US Flag.
He was the last jumper.  All made their mark.

There were also WWII planes.  One was a Japanese WWII plane that was the type that was used to bomb Pearl Harbor. They simulated the attack.  

Our WWII aircraft was also demonstrated. This one was like the aircraft that was used over the Pacific during WWII.

The A-10 Warthog's were also at the show.  Their power and skill was  demonstrated. 
 Beautiful aircraft on the ground and in the air.  These are based in Warner Robbins AFB, GA.  


Picture of the teams flight suit back.  Thought it was very cool.

Thanks to all of our Special Forces.

Scuba gear


It was a great day over the Wyoming skies.


Sidney said...

What a wonderful time in Cheyenne!! I'm sorry about the problems, but so glad you weren't stranded in the middle of nowhere. (And no, Cheyenne is not the middle of nowhere, it just seems like it) LOL

Beloved's Bride said...

They boys enjoyed looking at the pictures.
The Little Gentleman said, " I want to para-shoot!" I said "You do? You want to jump out of planes?" He said, "No. I want to be the pilot."

The Little Man thought the Hercules and the Galaxy was pretty cool. I always call the Galaxy the pregnant lady! Love the last picture, I didn't know the Hercules opens up from the front and the back. I have a love/hate with that plane. I like it when it is coming home and not liking it when it leaves me. ;)