Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Activities

The 4th was a beautiful day in Montana.!!  Glenn, Laurence, and I went to Billings,  Red Lodge, Top of  the World (or so it seemed), and Laurel, MT.  We wished Sidney could be with us, but she had to work.

We made a stop in Billings to check out a 5th wheel, then went on to Red Lodge for the 4th of July parade.  I love watching the horses, and old cars, but what caught my eye was the three wheel motorcycles.  I am trying to convince Glenn that we need one and we could tow it on the back of the 5th wheel.

After the parade, it was then on to the Bear Tooths.

America the Beautiful

This was as far as we went on this trip.....

So glad I got to see these beautiful peeks.  Thanks Laurence!!

It was then on to more fun....

What would a trip to Montana be without seeing a RODEO!!

We met Aisling at the Rodeo and got a good parking spot
 and good seats in the bleachers.

This ole horse came out of the shoot bucking but then.......

.....he just decided to sit down.
The wrangler got another chance on a different horse.

This cowboy got a good ride.

All fours left the dirt!!

Here is an ole bull being taken to the dirt.

Bull with an attitude...he trots off  like he won!!

 Of course there was a clown to entertain with jokes and pranks.

The ladies event was barrel racing.  This looks like a lot
of fun to me.   Hey, Christy, I thought of you.

The kids got in on the Rodeo too.  I think this was the
first time I had seen sheep riding.  This event was fun.
I think every child was a winner just for trying to ride!!

Here are some thrills......

....and spills.
These are wild horses.  The cowboy had to get a saddle on
the horse and ride him.

Some got the saddle on and even rode for a SHORT time!

It was a real nice rodeo...and some grand champions participate at this rodeo.

But all good things must come to an end, ---
and this cowboys ride is over.

After the rodeo, we got something to eat in Laurel, MT then it was off to
find a good spot to view the fireworks put on by the fire department.
The town of Laurel puts on a grand show!!

No pictures....after taking over 385 pictures, my card was full.


Tomorrow we head out with the camper for more fun and this time Sidney gets to go...YEA.

(I may not get to blog for lack of Internet service, but I will be back)

Oh Yes!!!...Sidney and I are pretty good shots with the black powder rifle, but that's another story. 

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It looks like a great day! Awesome pictures.