Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Hills

After we left Ft. Robinson, we drove to the Black Hills.  We stayed one night at Custer State Park.  We wanted to stay longer but you have to make reservations well in advance.  We just counted our self fortunate to get to stay at least one night.

The sights are wonderful.  I really can't describe the beauty and pictures don't capture what the human eye can see.

The drive to our campsite afforded us with an encounter with bison.  There must have been over 300 head of bison (Glenn's estimation) crossing the road.  I just loved the calves.

We also came upon this little antelope crossing the road.

We drove the wildlife route and found these cute mules.  At least I think they are cute.

These were quite the little beggars.
  They came up to my window too but I didn't have any treats. 

The landscape went from grassy land to amazing buttes.

After we got to our campsite and set up, we headed out to drive a scenic route that we knew we could not pull the camper through.  There were steep climbs and small tunnels.

This tunnel is called "The Needles Eye".  Very appropriate name don't you think?!  I could reach out and touch the walls as we drove through.  I found a postcard with a bus driving through and I think it must have been photo shopped..  It seems amazing to me that a bus could get through that small of a space.

We also visited Crazy Horse.  They had a nice display of Indian artifacts and presented a wonderful lazar show, bouncing the light off the mountain.  Crazy Horse is funded by donations and park entrance fees, no government assistance. I hope it gets finished in my life time, but it is doubtful.

After our one camping night in Custer State Park, we drove over to Rapid City, SD.  Since we are retired military, we were able to stay at Ellsworth AFB FamCamp.  It is a very nice camp and centrally located.  

What would a visit to SD be without stopping at Wall Drug?!  After see the advertisements from states away.  On a drive to the badlands we of course stopped and looked around a bit.  Then it was off to a drive through the badlands.

We saw more bison and these cute and curious little prairie dogs.

And this is for my grandsons.....


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