Thursday, April 6, 2017

Victory Assembly of God, Vacherie, La

If you follow my blog you will know that we have been in Vacherie, LA.
We along with nine other couples, RV Mapers, worked the month of March to repair and remodel the church. 


 Much was accomplished. It is so wonderful to see a project finished. 

Here are some before and after pictures. 

Damage to the front where a driver hit the building. 


Room off to the side of the platform. 

 Front of church now repaired. 

Glenn putting the carpet tiles down. 


Newly repaired side room. New cabinets, carpet, ceiling and nicely painted. It now
houses the copier and plenty of cabinets.  

Since we mapers were there, and the church needed a "facelift", the men and ladies went to work.

The entrance was opened up so walls had to come down. 


The open space is beautiful.   New tile, new ceiling, new paint,  new lights and feature insets. 



The hallway got new tile, fresh paint,new led lights, new grid, insulation, ceiling tiles and fresh paint. 


The sanctuary got a facelift too. New redesigned platform, new led lighting, new grid, insulation and ceiling tiles and new carpet, and fresh paint. 

My blog composer keeps crashing as I try to post the before pictures, so here is the new sanctuary. 


Wednesday night a few of us met for prayer.  Others meet in cell groups offsite. 



Much can be done when God is in it. 

One of our outings as a group. 





Saturday, March 25, 2017

RVMAPS Project, Victory Assembly of God, Vacherie, LA

Pastor Colby, Electrician Ron and Project Manager Al. 

What a difference one week makes....

The front of the church where a driver plowed through the building is finished.

From this.....


To this......


New support steel beam, new siding, new portico and brick.  Not to mention
the new walls on the inside and floor. 

Not only was the damage repaired, but the whole church is getting a "facelift". 


Ceiling tiles and new lights



Glenn finishing up with ceiling tiles and insulation. 

Painting is almost complete. 


Electrical is almost complete.


Love the new lighting.


The entry offset feature wall.




There are two feature wall insets in the entrance.  It really adds interest. We all love it. 


The platform also has the wood.  We think it looks really nice against the new carpet. 


Carpet squares are glued. 

 The people of this church has really taken good care of us. One day the ladies had
 beignets for us. 


Sugery good!  

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Victory Assembly of God, Vacherie, LA

Here are pictures of our second week on the MAPS project. The repair and remodel is progressing very well.



This is the front where the driver plowed through the building. Isn't it just like The Lord to provide a MAPS bricklayer volunteer just when we need one. 


Drop ceiling frame. 

Ceiling tiles. 



Cabinets being stained. 



Throughout this past week we have had good lunches and dinners provided. 

Note the five Instant Pot liners on the table. They came in real handy warming up some delicious food. 

Bill's sons fried up some delicious fish one evening. 

And some men from the church cooked some wonderful Jambalaya. 



Cole slaw, cracklings and jambalaya.  Yum, yum. 

Some of us gals toured the Evergreen Plantation. We had a wonderful tour guide. 




Backyard and gardens


Original slave quarters in their original location. 

One evening we took a swamp tour. 


ZZ our guide.  

We saw a few alligators. 


This 'gator liked marshmellows. 

Cutest little captain ever. Pastor's son.  

ZZ and his pet gator. 

ZZ had a small zoo in his backyard. Snapping turtle. 


Mama goat and her kid. 

This little goat is 5 days old. 


We had a good time.