Monday, July 11, 2011

Glacier National Park - Going to the Sun Road

Today we drove into the park from our campsite at North American RV Park and Yurt Village.  The drive was beautiful but once we got into the park, the views were breathtakingly beautiful.

We decided to take the shuttle which was a great idea.   Here we are waiting for the shuttle.  We caught the 11:00 o'clock one and it was a beautiful day.

The family with the dog, a Therapy Dog, is from Georgia too.

We took the shuttle as far as they allow road traffic.  The road was closed due to so much
snow this year and construction, but it is suppose to open on Wednesday.  We hope to drive on Wednesday.

This is the view from where the shuttle dropped us off. 
From here, hikers, and bicyclers could go on up to where
the road is closed.  We decided to go as far as our feet would allow.

There were beautiful mountain peaks....

........ and numerous cascading waterfalls

I loved all the cute little flowers along the way.

My burning foot wouldn't let me go any further, so Glenn
and Aisling ( our niece)  left me beside a beautiful waterfall.  The cool mist
was so refreshing.

Here's proof that they made it as far as the road and rangers would allow.

It was so hard to pick out the pictures because of  so many beautiful views, and it cannot
really be captured in pictures, so I guess you must plan a visit.

It was great sharing the experience with family.

Oops....Glenn focusing on the rock.....

...Another oops....I wasn't ready

We didn't see any bear even though one had been spotted....but...

....we did get to eat with one!!


Kelly said...

Beautiful Mom!!

Beloved's Bride said...

Beautiful Pictures, Mom.

Beloved and I wanted to go there last year but we ran out of time.

Glad you are having a good time.

Lamar Martin said...

Great photos! I have ridden my bicycle from St. Mary to Whitefish and vice versa, on two different trips out there. Here is a link to one of my trips that included Going to the Sun Road:
Did Glenn continue his hike to Logan's Pass Visitors Center?

Glenda said...

I will check out your trip. As you well know, this area is beautiful. The road has been closed. They say this is the latest in the season, but there is talk that it will open today.