Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Catching Up - Victoria Springs State Park and Beyond

June 21, 2011

From the last time I posted until now, we have traveled many miles and seen many places.  I did not have good service until we arrived here at Ellsworth AFB.  I have a lot of pictures but I am going to have to make this posting just a sample.

After leaving Grand Island, NE, we stopped for the night at Victoria Springs State Park in Nebraska.  This was a nice park but rather small.  Going to the park, we drove through this small town called Anselmo, NE.  Here we stopped to take a look inside these old buildings.

It seems that all towns have at least one mural depicting western life.
This small town was no exception.

Inside the park, there were two other old log buildings.  We just had to take a peak.

Victoria Springs State Park is a beautiful park with may tall Cottonwoods.

After our nights stay, we traveled on across the Nebraska landscape.  We drove through the Sandhills  and onto the plains of cattle country. 

Wait.....What Is That.....Carhenge is up ahead, so of course we had to stop!

After some lunch in the camper, we continued our journey through more of the hill country of Nebraska and saw some Texas Longhorns.

The buttes of Nebraska are breathtaking.

Here we are entering Ft. Robinson State Park

Ft. Robinson State Park is a posting all by itself.


Sidney said...

So glad you are having such a great time!! I love all your postings and wish I could see more of it with you!! See you soon!!

Kelly said...

The boys would love it there!!