Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sights of PowWow - Royal Ranger Style

Today the Royal Ranger PowWow came to a close.  We have really enjoyed ourselves here and they even gave us a camp site to park our home.  They have five camp sites and plan to add more.

The grounds belong to the Oklahoma Royal Rangers.  The Assemblies of God youth of Oklahoma have their own campgrounds.  Most states have to share facilities.  The Royal Ranger land is 120 acres.

This facility is probably one of the best nation wide.

Activities Center
This building also houses a kitchen, rooms for bunks, restrooms and
showers and the basement is reinforced to be a tornado shelter.

Sports Center

Various game were available for the boys. 

Archery, Paint Ball, Football Goal compitition, Hawk and Knife Throw  (just to name a few)

Sheriff Bill
Outpost can build their own cabin.

Restrooms and showers.

Building is the FCF store.

FCF Store

Blacksmith Shop



Dinning Area

Snack Bar was a favorite.

One camp had their own chuckwagon and chuckwagon cook, a RR Commander

Glenn and a new friend trying out their skill.
Knife and Hawk throw.

Evening Service

 Boys presenting a skit.


Another skit by the boys.

Lighting the counsil fire with flint and steel.


End of service worship.

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