Friday, June 10, 2011

A Dogs Life and Something I Learned

These are our two Bostons traveling with us.  They have been such good babies on this trip. However, one day I put some steak out to thaw and we went site seeing. We were anticipating grilling steak, baked potato and salad....well we just had baked potato and salad.  The "sweet little babies" helped themselves to the steak!!

Ava Sue -- Nap time

Brindle Boy - Steak Grabber Suspect
Ava's Son
 Something I learned from another blog - Anytime you need to comment on a blog, when you sign in to Blogger, unclick the "stay signed in" box. It will then let you comment. :)

Something else I learned -- Since Boston Terrires can jump pretty high --don't leave thawing food within reach!!


Beloved's Bride said...

Now, they were being naughty! Aren't they sweet when they are sleeping though?

Laurence and Sidney said...

Awww they're after my heart! I'd steal your steak too!! :)
Notice I can comment?? What happened? No clue. I had already clicked the stay signed in box... LOL