Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stuhr Pioneer Museum

We decided to stay one extra day here in Grand Island, NE because of winds and the weather reports that tomorrow should be better.  So, today we visited the Stuhr Pioneer Museum and Railroad Town 1891.  The museum is really nice.  I didn't get pictures because of no flash photographer, but it is definitely something to see. 

 Railroad Town 1891

The town is a living history town.  The town's residents dressed in period clothing.

My first Sarsaparilla.  Taste like Root Beer.

Shoe Shop

I'll take a pair, at those prices.

Loved the iron work.

One street of the town.

We had a really nice time stepping back in history.



Beloved's Bride said...

Lovely and Fun!

The last picture of the "historic" town looks like one of the towns I go through to get to the Little Lady's horseback lesson. I am glad some little towns have not changed much here in the US.

Now use your Mifi to upload some more pictures. Your travel blog is in need of an update! Heehee!

Give us a tour of your 5th wheel from the perspective of the dogs! giggle. I bet they are growing fat from the left over cobbler.

Glenda said...

I agree, I do need to update. But, I have to wait until July 1 with the mifi.

Beloved's Bride said...


Hmm! You could go to a coffee shop and eat donuts they always have internet. ;)

I have been accepted to the Education Leadership and Managment program for my Graduate Program. It is just a fancy title for meaning I can boss people around in the Education field. Ha! As if the kiddos need me to be trained in that area!