Monday, August 1, 2011

Royal Gorge

After our Pikes Peak trip, we decided to drive over to see Royal Gorge.  It was a little bit of a drive but we knew we were limited on time so we made a full day of sightseeing. 

I remember as a kid that my dad took us to see Royal Gorge but my mother wouldn't go across. (She wouldn't go up Pikes Peak either).  She made us get out of the car to wait with her while Dad drove over and back.  Today, it is not quite as scary as I remembered as a child. 

They have commercialized the "park" more from what I remember but it is still amazing how that bridge still spans the gorge and the Arkansas River.  We had a good time even though we arrived a little late to do all the "rides" that is covered in the price of  the ticket.

First we took the trolley across.

We walked around a little bit on the other side.  They have some shops, a theater with a movie telling you about the bridge, a petting zoo for the kids and an "old mining town"     We walked back over the bridge

Thought this was funny.   It would take a mighty
long fishing line.

It's a long way down.

Middle of bridge.

After walking across, we had just enough time to ride to the bottom of the gorge.

We were entertained by some humming birds
while we waited for our turn.

In this case, what goes down, must go up.

View of bridge from below.

Can you believe people bungee jump over the gorge.
Not for me!!!

Wish we could have gone across in the tram, but it was closing time.  We also wanted to drive
the truck across, but the bridge to traffic was closing......maybe next time.


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Sidney said...

WOW!! I'm with your mom on this! Heights scare me and just looking at your pic's my tummy was doing flip flops!! That is a great picture of you and Glenn on the bridge!!