Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Kansas Experience

We started across Kansas on August 1 and wow...did it get hot soon.  I think the high that our car recorded on the temp. gauge was 112 degrees.  The air conditioner would cool off the truck some, but it quickly froze up and we would have to turn it off to "thaw" out.  In just a short time, the car would get hot again.

Also....remember the bad diesel we got in Casper, WY?   Well, Glenn got the fuel filter changed, but that filter needed replacing soon.  Glenn replaced it.  We thought that all was well and the truck was ok.   Since it was so hot, we decided to find a campground around 4:00.  We found a state park on a lake at Wilson State Park and we found a spot right beside the lake.  That evening the sunset was beautiful.

Love the sun's rays against the blue sky.
See the moon?
... if not, here is a closeup.

The next morning, we were planning to start out early before it go too hot, however, our plans were changed.  After stepping out the door, Glenn noticed that we had a flat tire on the right side of the camper.  We had thought about getting tires in Riverton, but we didn't take the time.  Wish we had.

I started packing everything and preparing the camper and tried to put the slide in so Glenn could change the tire, but the slide, on the right side, would only move in on one side....uh oh....more problems!  Glenn tried to look under to see what the problem could be.  He took part of  the cover underneath the camper off and with the help of another camper, they found the problem.

The problem was this little tiny bolt. 

Replacing the broken bolt.  This cute little girl
likes to help her daddy.

Yea!!! Slide went in like new.  Now the tire....thanks to Glenn's sister Mila and brother-in-law, Mike, we had a spare. Note:  We had already used our spare in the mountains.

Tire off and spare on.  Now if only the fuel filter holds out......

We made it to Salina, KS and got four new tires on the camper.  Glad we were prepared for the expense.

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