Sunday, July 27, 2014

Alaskan Adventure - July 26, 2014 - FreeTime Saturday

On Saturday we try to get out and do fun things with the guys.

We first started out going to the Great Alaskan Bowl Company where they make wooden bowls out of Alaskan birch logs.  It is quite interesting.  But, wow, expensive. 

Next we went to the Alaskan Fur Company

Also expensive.

   Love the tassels Al.

Since we were near by, we thought we would check out where we go to catch the dinner cruise.  

    The Discovery Dining Hall food was very good. 

    Our trip is on Aug 2, 2014

   Soaking up the sunshine while the ladies shop the huge gift shop.

We then went downtown to experience the Ice Museum.  After a video of how they get the ice to carve, we all took turns on the ice slide.

   Al was first.


    Super fun!

Attached is a video of Joyce going down the ice slide.  It might be best to read the whole blog and then come back to the video.  The link takes you to YouTube and it may not take you back to the blog.

  Just click on the link.  You may have to wait for it to load but her laugh is worth the wait.  I checked it out and the link does work.

Here are more pictures of us at the Ice Museum

    "Hurry Glenn, take the picture we are freezing"!

  The guys on the ice snow mobile

After fun playing around the ice sculptures, we were given a demonstration on ice sculpturing.

At the museum, we were told of sand sculpturing so we ventured to check it out.

   Some were still working on their art.  Judging is on Sunday.

We had a fun filled day.

Sunday was sunshiny but cool.  We had a good service and the choir did a wonderful job.

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Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

Adore the picture of the guys with their hats backwards/sideways! super studs! heehee.

The ice sculptures and the sand sculptures are neat.

The cruise sounds fun. Is all this located at what use to be called Alaskaland? Is my brain reaching back to the 80s and not coming up with the correct name?