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Alaskan Adventure - July 18, 2014 - Columbia Glacier Cruise, Valdez, AK

Hi, from Valdez, AK!,

Today is the day for our Columbia Glacier Cruise!!  The weather is not great, but we plan to make the best of it.

    Here we are waiting for our cruise to begin.

  As we waited, we saw fishing vessels heading out to sea as well as other cruise ships..

    Another glacier cruise.

     Setting sail.  The scenery was beautiful. 

    Seagull watching us leave the harbor. 

     These two islands were beautiful to me.  We were told that we might see Bald Eagles. 
      But not today, however still interesting.

  Interesting formation of rock.  Can you see the face in the picture below?

    Yes. The jagged rock In the middle.

   From here we could see Anderson Glacier and Anderson Falls.

     Arlen and Ginger with Anderson Falls and Anderson Glacier in the background.

I could share 230 pictures but I won't; just a few highlights.

The glacier field before we got to the Columbia Glacier was amazing.

    Beautiful blues.

Here's the Columbia Glacier.  This glacier is receding. I believe our skipper, Karen, said it has receded twelve miles since 1988. 

    Not a very clear picture because this was zoomed in since this was as close as we could get because of the ice.  Also, it was misting rain.  Still a great trip.

On our way back we did see some Sea Lions. 

    And we saw little Otters

    We also saw whale.  I got his fin but from afar.  Picture not worth posting.  

    Hi Arlen!  Left hand salute?  Imitating someone?  Just asking.

    Us gals.  Such a balmy day!!  Thinking positive. 

We did have a nice time inspiite of the cold and rain.

Back on land.

After we ate, we headed out to a fish hatchery.

Bears visit and also Moose.  We didn't see bear nor moose, but we did see salmon and


Sea Lions

  They got their fill of fish.  

  Now it is onward to Whittier by ferry in the morning.

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