Thursday, July 17, 2014

Alaskan Adventure - July 16, 2014 - Central Mission Assembly of God Church

Clearer skies today made it a very productive day.  The men were able to start putting the roof on the building.

   View from inside.

    They were even able to get one half papered.

We are so thankful for the lift.

Here Pastor Dave and Synnyo took a ride to the top.

We ladies got a birds eye view too.

   Our view from the lift.

   Also, I captured a plane overhead.  The church is right in the path of the airport.

     Some of the planes, even the commercial jets, fly very low.  This one wasn't as low as some of the others.

Ray was steady working on laying the decking on the side deck.

Pray for Ray.  He has pain in his shoulder and arm.

     Synnyo climbed up to take a look from the deck.


As the men were working, we visited a bowl factory.  It was interesting how they are made, but they were expensive.

    These bowls are made from Birch.  We were told that It takes a Birch 75 years to grow then the tree starts to die.

  After the bowls are lathed out of a block of tree, the leftovers are sold for plant holders.
  You can see a couple with flowers in them to the left of picture.  

   Alaska Facts:

Alaska is the only state to have coastlines on three different seas: the Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Bering Sea.

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Sidney said...

What an amazing little field trip!! Love those bowls, and especially the planters! Love to you all!!