Monday, May 2, 2011

National Cornbread Festival April 30, 2011

National Cornbread Festival

We enjoyed the National Cornbread Festival held in South Pittsburg, TN.  This was the 15th year of the festival.  We first discovered this great event about 10 years ago but had not had the opportunity to visit again until now.
There is always a cook-off, preparing dishes using cornbread.  Bet you didn’t know there were many, many ways to use cornbread in recipes; anywhere from the typical cornbread muffin to cornbread salads, cornbread with all sorts of fillings and deserts.

What would a festival be without arts and crafts.  There were about two city blocks (and side streets) filled with handcrafts of all kinds.  

 Beautiful jewelry, birdhouses, clay bowls, wood crafted utensils, photos, paintings, and the list could go on and on…..

Items of interest was a bird feeder made from old tires.......

and a one string instrument using a  piece of wood and a can and sounded similar to a banjo.

The highlight of the festival for Glenn was meeting (I enjoyed it too) Johnny Nix – “Ya’ll Eat Yet”.  Mr Nix is the guru of cast iron cooking.  We got to sample his creations….yummy.  He was great fun to talk to.  A very nice, down-to-earth gentleman.

Glenn loved this outdoor cooking set-up.  He thinks his kid should invest in one for his birthday ---July 15....Hint Hint. HAHA


Beloved's Bride said...

... And, where do you think you would store it?

Glenda said...

He said he would make room. It only weighs 200 lbs so he would have to lose 100 lbs. ha ha

Sidney said...

If he can't store it we can take care of it for you....
Love your post! They are so interesting!! Keep having tons of fun!