Wednesday, May 4, 2011

David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN

Today we traveled to Lawrenceburg, TN.   We will probably be here at David Crockett State Park until Tuesday.  However, this is a nice park so we might extend our stay.

Ramrod's horses and wagon pulled a 7 percent grade hill without any trouble. ..and we are loaded. The mountain drive with peaks and valleys made for a beautiful drive and quaint little towns.  We stopped to let the brakes cool in the little town of Cowan, TN.  Here are a few pictures of another train museum.  I was sad that it was closed, but it was a nice break anyway.

Across the tracks stood a small log building.  It was of patricular interests to me...all old buildings interest is what I found --

Isn't this a sweet little log house?!  I just had to take a peak inside...
See the oil lamp, cast iron, and clock,  a nice fireplace; what more would you need besides......  

.....a nice rope bed.

(blog map has been updated.  Use the arrows on map to view route)

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Sidney said...

How cool!! I love all the fun things you're seeing!!