Saturday, April 30, 2011

National Cornbread Festival - South Pittsburg, TN

Today we went to the National Cornbread Festival and enjoyed the day.

First we went on a tour of Historic South Pittsburg.  The tour covered some of the old homes and people of days gone by.  South Pittsburg was founded in 1873 by James Bowron, a representative of the "Old English Company".  He was a noted ironmaster from Stockton on Tees, England and bought 3,000 acres of land rich in coal and iron for the "Old English Company".  The town's original name was Battle Creek and changed to South Pittsburg, a reflection of the belief that the city would become the "Pittsburg of the South". 

The tour ended up at the Lodge Cast Iron Company.  We went on a self guided tour, but there were workers stationed at different locations of the plant to explain what each did in the making of the cast iron ware.

The iron is loaded in this bucket and dropped in a firey vat to melt.

The molten mixture is poured into molds. The molds are highly compacked sand.

The product comes out in a rough state.  They are then put in a round cylinder and tumbled to knock off the roughness and made smooth.


The product is sprayed with vegetable oil to season.

This is the packaging area.

Glenn has a good bit of Lodge Cast Iron and we cook mostly with cast iron...Food just taste better.

I will have to post pictures of the festival later.  We still do not have electricity and so I cannot use the  computer for very long.  We do not  have internet service and I am having to use my MIFI which takes forever to load pictures. 'Till tomorrow -- good evening from Ramrod's Wagon.


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Laurence and Sidney said...

I loved this!! How fascinating. So glad you had the opportunity to visit. Someday perhaps we'll get to go.Thanks for the great pictures and explanation!