Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hales Bar Marine and Resort - Nickajack Lake - April 27, 2011

Our first night out on our journey ended up being quite an adventure! 

We were pulling into our camping spot when a neighbor told us that there is a tornado watch and we could take shelter at the front parking lot.  As soon as we dropped the camper, we followed them to where the shelter was.  This is where we spent a few hours.

Through the door in the little building are tunnels that  connects to the hydroelectric power dam. We sat in the tunnel as three the storm cells went through. We actually went to the shelter three different times. Just a side note, the talk was that the tunnels are haunted and the Travel Channel Ghost stories filmed not to long ago and to be aired this Friday. 

This road is a service road that is on top of the tunnel.

The hydroelectric plant. No longer in use.

This is the scene all along a road near us.  The reason we have no power.  We are so thankful for a generator.

We are camped on Nickajack Lake.  A tornado touched the lake and bounced up the mountain, snapping trees and power lines.  We are so thankful we were spared from much damage.  While underground, one man said that we might all be shopping for a camper.  But, thank God we all were fine and so were our "homes".

We are so sad for the loss of life in GA, AL and here in TN.  Praying for those who were not as fortunate as we. 

We plan to be here until Wednesday.  They are expecting more storms on Monday.

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