Monday, January 26, 2015

Trinity Church 2015 -week 8

Project progress as of today, Tuesday of the eighth week. 

This large space has gone from this--

To this


    Childrens department

The long hall way use to look like this--

To this --

    Long hallway wall on left comes down. 

Today the long hallway wall is down!

            What a difference it makes. 

More sheetrock is going up and electrical outlets being cut in. 

   Sheetrock for the rooms started. 

The men broke through this block wall the first week of January. 

From this--

To this--

To a large hallway with wheelchair ramp

Two restrooms being renovated and plumbing for newly constructed restrooms. (Still in progress)

    Plumbing for new restrooms. 

There are many fragments to the construction process but it will all come together. 

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Sidney said...

Wow! So much progress has been made! How much longer will you be there? Love you!