Saturday, January 24, 2015

Trinity Church 2015 - Week 7

This past week brought more help!!

Bill and Edie's "boys" visited.  Ted (Santa Claus) arrived, and 

     Ron and LaQueta arrived from Alaska!!  

Much work has been accomplished with more demolition...

    This is a new hallway to the children's department and school.  

   There had to be a large opening. 

In this area, the floor had to be raised and a handicap ramp leading to the children's department/school.  This part was contracted.

    Pumping in the concrete. 

Sheetrock went up in the renovated restrooms. 

   Bill and son.  

And Ted started taping. 

And in another area, more sheetrock. 

     Measure twice, cut once Jack. 

But....  The demolition wasn't over.....

  This is part of another hallway that had to be enlarged. 

This area is at the northside church entrance. The vestibule area enlarged. The partitions are up for 
safety. This church is busy throughout the week. A more substantial wall for safety was erected for the weekend. 

In other parts of the project.....

A small stage had to be built.

And more walls. 

 And more electrical work....


    Les and Don. 

     Miles of electrical. Good thing we now have three electricians. 

  We can't forget the painters.   

   Over 1500-1600 ceiling tiles to be painted. See back wall; drying racks. 

We still had time for some good food and fellowship.

On Tuesday evening, Bill and family provided us a fish fry. 

On Thursday, we had Turkey.

  Preparing for trashcan turkeys. 

   Digging in.  Jan got her wings!!

We work hard and play hard.  


Sidney said...

Wow! So much work to be done!! Looks like you're all so busy and doing so much!! XOXO

BROWNs RV MAPS said...

What great time we are having. The work done is amazing. Yet so much to do. The turkeys and cobblers tasted so good. Church today with Pastor Rick Williamsons great sermon on Favor. Cooler weather here this morning than I expected. But was very nice.