Thursday, March 28, 2013

At Camp Wilderness

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon and got set up in our space quickly. I do like our Montana. It is so easy to set up. The truck pulled the camper with easy. Thanking The Lord more issues with the truck.

The MAPS team we joined here have really done a fantastic job and I think all the priority tasks have been accomplished.

Glenn started building a rope ladder for the boys on the obstacle course. More is on the scheduled for next year.

We don't know how long we will stay here. Most are leaving the first week or so in April, but we have been asked to stay a little longer... We will see. We would kind of like to stay in the area until mid May. I would like to see my brother and family from NY when they visit home (Savannah) in May. After that maybe north or at least west.

Here are a few pics.

Our camp, rope ladder and Joyce testing the ropes.

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Beloved's Bride said...

I think they need one of my little boys to check it out!