Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Camp Wilderness - official week two

Today marks our second week here at Camp Wilderness as official MAPS RV volunteers. Glenn has been busy working on the obstacle course. More to be built next year. He has been painting and doing a number of other task. The guys are trying to get the camp ready for this weekends Royal Ranger PowWow. Many are coming in to set up their camp for the weekend. They expect over two thousand boys.

The food for the camp has been delivered and the golf carts unloaded. Many activities and deliveries today.

One of the ranger leaders ask if I could do a couple of shirts with the emblem. I said sure. Well....he brought a number of shirts, two jackets and a duffel bag. I don't mind really. I just thought it funny that a couple turned into many.

Today was our last official morning meeting. It was Linda's birthday. And as usual, Joyce decorated to celebrate. I had monogrammed all the ladies a bag with their name on it and since this will be our last meeting, I took them to the meeting to hand out. We had a great time. I will miss these wonderful new friends.

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Beloved's Bride said...

Looks Like great little gifts! Glad you and Dad are having fun.