Monday, March 25, 2013

MAPS RV Volunteers

Let the adventure begin!! Tomorrow we embark on a journey that we have thought about for awhile as MAPS RV Volunteers. And after many problems with our truck, prayerfully the truck is finally ready to tow our home on wheels.

Our first station of service is Camp Wilderness, Fort Meade, FL. If you read my blog, you can read about our experience with other MAPS RVers. Sometime in life you may not know exactly what The Lord has in store for you, but He puts people in your path to confirm what He had already placed in your heart. This was our experience when we met a wonderful group of MAPS RVers.

We filled out the application, were approved and now we are starting our adventure.

We pray God will lead us in making the right decisions of where to go and where to serve.

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