Sunday, February 21, 2016

MAPS RV Project - Teen Challenge, Dublin, GA - Feb 15 - 20

Spring has sprung and we had some beautiful days to get a lot of work done outside.  

    A couple of students helped too. Here, the flashing going up. 

   More facial board on the walkway covering. Also, I see another window has been installed and framed. 

At the same time, work continued on the inside of both the admin building and the dorm facility. 

Roy mudding. He is almost complete and will be leaving us soon. We sure are going to miss him. Don't know what we would have done without his expertise in drywall mudding. He has taped and mudded both buildings. 

Allan and Jack working on the plumbing. 

The tile is almost finished too. 

Mandy helping in cutting around the electrical boxes. 

 Drywall is almost finished.  

Georgie has been painting. This was a large project, but she has worked steadily for weeks. 

A few of us ladies have painted the siding. We are almost finished. 

Now for the fun time we had this past week. 

A few of us ladies visited a Dublin Museum. The museum is in an old colonial style house. 

The home was beautiful. 

One evening we went to Perry, GA to the rodeo. 

Waiting to get inside. 

We had great seats. 

Saturday evening a few of us had made reservations for a mystery dinner held at Museum of Aviation, Robbins AFB.  Murder At The Juice Joint took place in the 1920's and of course we tried to play the part too. 

    Al and Joyce

   Gary and Stephanie 

    Our table

    Molly Mal played her part well. 

    Al and Joyce in the running for the best dressed....

But it was Gary's night...

  Flirty Flapper giving Gary some clues of whodunnit. 

The setting was perfect for the dinner; amongst the Air Force aircraft of days gone by.  We had a fun evening!


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