Friday, August 14, 2015

From Cortez, CO to Moab, UT

From Cortez,  we thought we would head to Bluff, UT, but we ended up at Blanding, Blue Mountain RV Park.   The next morning we wanted to explore the area so we headed out and found Twin Rocks Resturant for a little breakfast. 

     See the Twin Rock in this panoramic view. 

We did visit the small town of Bluff, UT and checked out the pioneer village there.

From there, we continued to drive through Valley of the Gods and Monument Valley.

There are rugged rock formations at every turn and hill. 

This rock is called "Mexican Hat". 

I enjoyed shopping the Navajo roadside stands along the way. 

We even saw where Forrest Gump turned around. 

On our way back to camp, the storm clouds were gathering.

While in Blanding, we also visited Natural Bridges National Park

From Blanding to Moab

Moab, UT is a busy little tourists town. We camped at Ok RV park; located a little off the main road going into Moab. It was a nice quiet park. After we set up, we checked Arches National Park but decided it was really too late in the day to spend sufficient time. On our way back into Moab, we took a road that follows the Colorado River.  It was a beautiful drive.  

We checked out the Canyonland Day and Night boat trips and decided to do the Sights and Sound dinner and boat ride on the Colorado. I would recommend this trip. The dinner is at 7:00 and boat ride around 8:00. The guide was informative about the area and pointed out interesting formations along the canyon wall.  After it is dark, lights are shown on the canyon walls as majestic music is played. The stars were bright that evening and we also saw shooting stars.  We had a very nice relaxing evening.

The next morning, we visited Arches National Park.  On my goodness, was it ever amazing!  

Balancing Rock

The Three Gossips. 

Pictures do not capture what the natural eye can see. 

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Sidney said...

You have some beautiful shots there Glenda! So glad you are enjoying your visit there. I've never been there. I have a niece that goes over from Colorado frequently to hike, bike and kayak. Someday we must do it!!