Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fourth Week - Trinity Church, Miami Gardens

The men (and women) have really been working this past week and getting  a lot accomplished. Two of the women (Mary B. and Georgie B) painted doors (sorry I failed to get pictures). 

New cabinets for the kitchen are being assembled.

After the old cabinets were removed, mold was discovered.  Spraying down with bleach should take care of that problem.

Roughing in the electrical.

Bless Les' heart.  Even in a back brace he is "trucking" right along and Mike is an excellent apprentice. 

These two "talk too much" but two heads are sometime better than one.  Jack and Glenn discussing the plumbing.

    There are going to be three shower stalls.

Measure twice,  cut once.

Dry wall going up.

Yep!!... Our fearless project manager, Al, works too.

Joyce busy sweeping.

At the end of the week we enjoy eating together.

Those ribs sure look good!!

This Saturday we all went to Flamingo Gardens

Decorated Flamingos were a hoot!!

All enjoyed the day!!

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Beloved's Bride said...

The flamingos are fabulous! And, they don't look like the only gals wearing feathers and bling! Love the picture of all the crew together at the restaurant!