Saturday, August 31, 2013

Blue Man Group - Briar Street Theater - Chicago

"It was back to Chicago for a ladies trip to the Big City.  Joyce and a few of her high school friends plan a get-together at least once a month, and this month they all got tickets to see Blue Man Group.  Joyce ask me if I would like to join them but I would have to get a ticket.  ......No problem..... I have connections.

So, Janet, Joyce and I head out to Chicago on the South Shore Line train.  The other ladies were getting there by vehicle driven by Al (Joyce's husband) and Glenn. 

Joyce and Janet getting their train tickets. 

Here comes the train. It doesn't stop long. Hurry and get aboard!!

Once we got to the city, we got tickets for the tour double decker bus. It's the only way to see Chicago.   The "bean" was closed to visitors, but I had seen it before.  There was filming going on for Terminator 4.   Saw Kelsey Grammer. I don't that how you spell his name??

This is inside the Marshall Fields building. Now Macy's.  it is a beautiful building!!

Many floors in Macy's. 

The water fountain inside the store. 

I love the tall buildings. 

Then it was on to see Blue Man Group.  My handsome younger brother's show. I told you I had inside connections!  

Waiting for the rest of the group. 

We all enjoyed the show!!

Me and Janet. 

I told a Blue Man that Phil was my brother.  His eyes got big and wanted to say something but of course was still in character.  He was cute. 

After the show we all ate at Ed's D... (Can't spell the last name). All the waiters  are rude in a fun sort of way. .  Never been to a place like this. They won't serve you unless you wear their hat. 

Our drivers.  
We all had a great time.

Special thanks to my brother.  I don't know how he did it, but our tickets were right with the others in our group that had purchased their tickets long before the show.

When you purchase a tour ticket, it is good for three days, so Glenn and I went back to Chicago. 

We rode all of the tours except one that went out to Hyde Park, but we weren't really interested in that tour. 

We toured the city again on the double decker that is called the Signature Tour.  It is a two hour tour but you can get off and on.  Each driver or tour guide has a little different presentation of the city.  Each is enjoyable .  We got off one of the trolleys at Lincoln Park Zoo.  It is a free zoo. Really enjoyable to see, even though our time was limited.  You just can't see all in one day.

This tour took us to Briar Street Theater where Blue Man Group has been for many years. 

Then we went by Wriggly Field. Notice the "cheap seats" across the road and on top of some buildings. 

Harry Cary statue.  He was a long time and beloved baseball announcer. This is in front of Wriggly Field

What would it be if one didn't visit American Girl for a grandma with granddaughters?!

This is in Water Tower Mall. I could have spent hours in this mall. 


And a visit to the Lego Land store. 

Wall of Legos. 

You cram as much as you can in the containers.  

A great time in Chicago. The city is beautiful from downtown to Navy Pier. 

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