Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Month of June 2017

We had a lovely visit with family, Sidney and Laurence Pitt, in Nauvoo, IL.  Even though they had a lot of work to be done on their house, they showed us a good time visiting the historic town of Nauvoo. We all enjoyed the Family Life Center and other historical sites around town. 

Baking bread

Bread proofer. They would put the bowl of dough in the proofer with a bowl of 
warm water to rise the bread. 

Wagon wheel weaving. The pioneers made beautiful round rugs with strips of cloth.

Triangle frame to weave shawls. 


Weaver showed us how to join the wool for the spinning wheel. 


We even learned how the wood barrels were made and also learned that if your name 
is Cooper, then your ancestors were probably barrel crafters. 


These were just a few crafters in the Family Life Center. We also learned the process of candle 
making and rope making. 

One thing I didn't know was that the tin lantern punched designs represented a family design so 
that the family could be identified when strolling in the evening. 


We took a wagon ride. 



We had a fun and informative day. 

While the men remolded Sidney's kitchen, us gals went looking for beach glass.
Sidney is an expert at finding glass and  I have a new passion. Thanks Sidney!




The third week in June, we all went to Butler, Mo for a family reunion. 

This is Glenn's brother and sisters along with Sidney and I with Aunt Ada. Aunt Ada 
is the only surviving sister of eight. Glenn's mother was one of the eight. Aunt Ada and 
her husband were Assemblies of God ministers. 

Glenn had been sick the second week visiting Laurence and Sidney and not much work was 
done.  We both felt we owed them another week. They accomplished as much as they could;
laying floors  and putting up cabinets. I'll be anxious to see it finished and I know Sidney will too.

Before we left, we took another day from construction to visit a unique Windmill. 

The "Prairie Mill" in Golden, IL.  Built in 1873 by Henry Emminga.


It has three millstones depending on how fine the grain was desired. 


We walked out on this deck. Cool experience. 

This home is for sale and is across from the windmill. Henry Emminga built it for his daughter. 
His daughter never married. 

Thank you Sidney and Laurence for a wonderful visit. 

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Sidney said...

So fun having you here!! I'm still in awe of you finding that red glass!! And some of your blues were phenomenal! Not to mention that purple. Wowzers!! You got some great glass!! So happy for you. Am anxious to see what all you make with it, and the additional glass you pick up in your travels! So many fun little jaunts, sight seeing, dinners out, picnic by the Mississippi. Looking forward to your next visit!! XOXO