Saturday, January 9, 2016

MAPS RV Project - Teen Challenge, Dublin, GA - Jan 4-8, 2016

Our group enlarged by 6 rigs after New Years.  Our MAPS RV crew are now 9 couples strong!

This is only a partial view of our gathering space.  We meet here for breaks and our devotion time. 

Al took us on a tour of the facilities and explained the construction plans. 

This building will be offices for the staff.

A pitched roof will be added to the walkway. 

Dennis and Glenn working on the roof of the walkway overhang.

This building is presently the staff offices.  Renovation has already begun to make bedrooms and showers for the residents. 

                                                          Les and Bill pulling wires.

 In the process of moving the offices to a temporary space until the new offices are complete.

This space will be divided to make bedrooms.

Kathy has already had to move her office and will have to move again;  but she is so patient through all the construction.

    Tour continues on to the chapel.

    This is the dining area for the residents.

   We have enjoyed a few meals here too. 

A view of a dorm hallway. This space will be renovated.

A small building behind the facilities will become a woodworking building for the residents. 

Concrete being poured.

Al is playing in the muddy concrete.   Don't get stuck Al!

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Sidney said...

Looks like you're going to be busy with great projects!