Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Time at Wright-Patterson AFB FamCamp

We enjoyed our time at Wright-Patterson AFB. The camp has full hookups. The fall weather was great. 

While there, we spent two days at the National Air Force Museum and still did not see all that we wanted to see.  It is an amazing museum.  On the first day we visited the first two gallery's housing the first in flight airplanes and WWI airplanes.   We took a guided tour that was very interesting. 

   Wright Brothers. 

Air flight came a long way in just a few years. 

The next day we went back to view the gallery's that house WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam aircraft.

   This plane is beyond huge. I don't know how it gets off the ground. The wing span was amazing. 
The C124. 

There were still another gallery that we missed that houses space simulators. We just didn't have enough time. 

The museum is must see museum.

The museum were hosting a 100 year anniversary of WWI commemoration show on the weekend.  It was really nice to see replicas of the old aircraft in flight and also they staged some "dog fights". 

Not only airplanes were showcased, but the WWI era field tents.... the vehicles 

 I was surprised to see this couple from Savannah. 

  I loved the old cars. 

   Thought this was a cute couple. Loved her dress.  See the little dog?

   He is hanging out the dog tote.

  I took a lot more pictures, but they just didn't download to my ipad. Don't know why.

We had planned to go to the presidential planes that are on display at Wright-Patterson, but I unfortunately got sick and spent a couple of days hanging around the camper. 

We plan to go back in the future. There is so much to see around Dayton.

Just realized that I have been retired four years as of Sep, 30. No regrets. 

Today, Oct 1, 2014, we are heading to Carlinville, IL for the MAPS RV Convention. Let the adventure continue. 

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