Saturday, March 22, 2014

South Campus, Trinity Church, Miami Gardens, FL

It is hard to believe that our time here at Trinity is almost up, but today is March 22, 2014, and summer is approaching.  We as MAPS RVers will be going our separate ways until convention time.  MAPS stands for Mission America Placement Service.  We are a mission minded group that volunteer our services to help build the kingdom of God.  We don't itinerate for funds as other missions do but we give our time and pay for our expenses to do what we can for the Lord. 

This has been a huge project but I think the men and women accomplished much.  Our goal was to take an existing building and make dorm rooms for the students.  Also, remodel a small house. The house was damaged by water so some reinforcement had to be done and molded sheet rock removed as well as insulate the house plus some electrical work.

If you have been following my blog, some of these pictures will be repeats but I wanted to show before and after pictures.  I did before and after pictures in an earlier post because I didn't know if we would be back after the birth of our grandson, but we did.  So more work was completed.

Hallway tiled and painted. The dorm rooms are carpeted.

Hallway from kitchen to the rooms.

The men are now working at the main church building here at Trinity Church. There were several projects that needed to be completed that included dry wall, tile, and painting.  

Also, for the Easter production at the South Campus Trinity Church, the platform needed to be extended and the sound booth needed to be larger. Here are a few pictures.

Sound booth.  Built, wired, and painted. 

Existing small sound booth. 

Platform extended.

 We have enjoyed our time here and made lasting friendships!