Monday, July 22, 2013

Fair Week

The church (Calvary Assembly of God, DeMotte, IN) has a food booth at the county fair and Al had signed us up to help him and Joyce along with Arlen and Ginger (all new friends we met in FL with Maps RV ).  We were the breakfast crew.  So.... We head over to another small town with our campers.  There were many, many campers and horse trailers parked on the fairgrounds. 

We had a nice setup under a shady area. 

The dogs had there area too. 

Al and Joyce's grandsons were in several events and games with their horses. We enjoyed watching the young riders. 

Here is Brice with Winston. 

Here is Brice and Brock.  Brock is the youngest with his horse Beauty.  Beauty is a rescued horse and more gentle than Winston.  Both great horses.

We were fortunate to have the breakfast hours to man the food booth; the cooler part of the day.
Then we were able to enjoy the other events of the fair, or just go back to the camper and enjoy visiting or napping. Our camper was close to the horse arena so that is what I enjoyed watching. 

 Following are pictures of the food booth and our crew. Al and Joyce, Arlen and Ginger , and Glenn and myself.  We also had Al and Joyce's grandson helping us and another young boy from the church.

Al and Joyce

Glenn and Al  serving biscuits and gravy and Glenn at the grill as a short order cook.

Arlen the pancake man. 

The Fair Queens paid a visit and Al wanted a picture.  

All of us....minus me of course. 

I took orders while Joyce took their money.. sometime I did both because Joyce is a real estate agent and she is a busy busy woman, which is good.  Sell those houses Joyce.  

I took a few pictures of the more artsy events. There are farm scenes and Lego creations.  The young 4Hers did some amazing work.

Lego piano. It was a WOW winner. 


Lego Factory
Farm scene. 

Al and Joyce's granddaughter's boyfriend showing his cow..  He came in second but judge said there was no difference in the first place cow and his cow. 

First place cow.  Not only is the cow judged but also handler.  

We had a fun time. We got back to the church in our RV spot Saturday afternoon.  Glen will be helping Al in the construction at the church probably through August. 

On Sunday evening, a Convoy of Hope truck was scheduled to drop off supplies for rural pastors.  Rural Compassion joined Convoy of Hope this year.  Helping rural communities. 

We helped unload the truck and passed out the supplies. 

Joyce, Al, Glenn, and me

So we have had a busy, but rewarding week!

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