Sunday, August 19, 2012

Recently we had the opportunity to go camping for a few days.  We also recently bought a small hybrid camper, an Aerolite Cub.  We bought it primarily to go to the mountains and on trips that would be a little difficult taking a 35 ft. fifth wheel.  
On our first day out, we camped at Pointes West Recreation Area, an Army famcamp,  Ft. Gordon.  We had a nice camp site on Strom Thurmond Lake aka as Clark Hill.  We stayed here two nights and the second night, we experienced our first rain storm in this 16 ft hybrid.

We then went on up to Tugaloo State Park.  It is a beautiful park on Lake Hartwell.  We camped three nights and really enjoyed our time there.  Unbeknownst to us, the Triple Crown Watercross competition was being held on the lake.  It was fun watching the races.  The jet skis get up to well over 80 mph at the start of the race.  Also, there were trick competition on the standup type jet skis.  One did 5 flips on his ski!  I think it was a new record.

After a day of competition, we enjoyed relaxing at camp.

This little guy watched over the camp while we were having fun.
After three days at Tugaloo, we drove on to Unicoi State Park.  Again, this park is a nice park in North Georgia and only a few miles from Helen, GA.  In my opinion, Helen isn't the little town it used to be, but many people enjoy shopping and experiencing the festivities of summer.  We had a nice camping spot and spent two days around camp and driving the mountains.

After spending two nights at Unicoi, we decided to camp at Vogel State Park.  We had a beautiful site (#54) beside the little creek that runs through the park.

It was so nice to open the back bunk window and listen to the little creek.  Here are a few thoughts I wrote on my phone note pad early one morning:

.At 6:30 i see the first appearance of a new day. It is dispelling the darkness ever so slightly; revealing the trees behind the camp. The little creek lets me know it is still busy at work all through the night as the water ripples over the creek rock-bed. The soothing sound puts to sleep and awakens again at first light. At 7:05 I hear the first sound of a birds call. Sounding an awakening song to the forest. At 8:00 I smell the campfires and bacon whiffing through the air. I love the sights, sounds and aromas of camping. Ah. But now it is time to head for home. It has been a wonderful week.

Happy Camping

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