Monday, October 10, 2011

Jacksonville, FL

NAS Jacksonville Florida

The RV park here at the Navy base in Jacksonville is pretty nice and we have a nice site.  We are visiting the Jacksonville area for a few days. The base exchange looks like an upsale department store. They have everything under one roof.  The Navy must have some GOOD representatives.  Never seen the Army nor Air Force with such facilities. 

I had tickets to see the Celtic Thunder show (which is why we are in Jax).  It was a great show even though one of the Celtic Thunder men, Ryan Kelly, had to fly home.  He was one of the ones I really wanted to see, but was a great show anyway.

Here is a view of the campground.  We may come back here for a week or so at another time…

The base has an a few aircraft on display.  We spent awhile checking them out.

                          Wing span 104 feet; so wide that I couldn't get the whole plane in one shot.
                                                       Don't know how it gets off the ground.

                                         Flown by the Marine Corps to transport the President.

                                     Wing span 100'. Couldn't get all of this one in a shot either.

Intersting tidbit---one of the planes that flew the photo mission during the Bay of Pigs 

I thought the tail wings were interesting.


We had a relaxing day. We both needed it.

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